Guildford is a wonderful place to both live and work, and we feel genuinely privileged to do both of those things every day. There are a lot of beautiful houses in our terrific town, which means there are also a lot of windows in need of regular cleaning, to help maintain the lovely appearances of those homes.

In turn, of course, there are also a plethora of options for who you should call to satisfy your window cleaning needs. Here at Integrity Window Cleaning, we know that we’ve got a lot of competition, but we truly believe that we’re at the top of the pile. To prove that that’s not merely idle boasting, here are five of the top reasons why Integrity are the best window cleaning company in Guildford.

  • We’re Local

Integrity Window Cleaning is a family-run, local business. We don’t just work in Guildford; we live here too, and are extremely proud to do so. In fact, we’d say that getting to know our fellow townsfolk is one of our favourite things about the job. Thankfully, our friendly approach has also led to us building a large base of regular customers, who book in our window cleaning services time and again. We even offer discounts to our regular, monthly clients, as a way of saying “Thank you”!

  • We’re Experienced

We’re no newcomers to the window cleaning game, oh no! In fact, we’ve been cleaning windows in Guildford for over a decade now – having started up back in 2006 – and we plan on being here for a long time to come!

  • We’re Flexible

Our aforementioned experience has helped us to become extremely flexible workers. We’re equally at home cleaning windows on homes of absolutely all shapes and sizes, with outstanding results guaranteed regardless of the build of your home.

  • We’re Modern

Here at Integrity Window Cleaning, we’ve made a concerted effort to keep up with all the latest developments in our field. This includes not just the training of our staff, but upgrading our equipment too. Most notably, we utilize a modern, incredibly useful water fed pole system, which has both removed the need for us to go up ladders, and allowed us to reach even the most awkward windows.

  • We’re Safe

We’re well aware that your home is your most valuable possession, and that – when you hire Integrity Window Cleaning – you’re entrusting your home’s wellbeing to us. We make safety an absolute priority, for both our staff and your home. That’s one of the main reasons we stopped using ladders in the first place; to vastly reduce the chance of potentially damaging your house. We’re also covered by full public liability insurance, and we’re absolutely willing to show you the relevant documents if you so desire.

So there you have it: just five of the many, many reasons why Integrity Window Cleaning are the number one window cleaning company in Guildford. If you’d like to get in touch with us now, to book in some window cleaning (or just to hear more about how great we are!), please don’t hesitate to contact us. Just call 01483 459774, or message us online, and let’s start discussing your window cleaning needs today.