It’s been a long and trying winter here in Guildford, as it has been in most of the UK, with the unforgiving weather conditions being almost unrelenting. This has taken its toll not just on the people here, but on their houses too, with the lovely homes in our beloved town being battered almost constantly by the elements.

We’re firmly into the typical spring months now, however, so we can only hope that things will soon turn around! At this time of year, aside from better weather, people’s thoughts tend to turn towards things like new beginnings, and of course the classic spring clean.

A spring clean is the perfect way to finally put the winter behind you, and look forward to the brighter, warmer months to come. This year, we’d say that we all need that more than ever.

We’d like to point out, however, that a true spring clean doesn’t just tackle the inside of your home; it includes the outside too! And – when it comes to reinvigorating the outside of your home, what better place to start than with the windows? After all, if you have dirty windows, then they’re likely the first thing that visitors will notice on your home. If your windows are lovely and clean, however, they’ll both give off a sparkling first impression, and allow the spring sunshine (which surely can’t be too far away now!) to pour into your home, brightening up the place no end. A professionally-cleaned set of windows will prove beneficial even whilst this chilly weather is still hanging around, given that clean windows provide better insulation than dirty ones.

Of course, to truly get the best possible spring clean, you need to hire an expert window cleaning company in Guildford. Well, you won’t find many bigger experts in Guildford – or in Surrey for that matter – than Integrity Window Cleaning! We’ve been carrying out incredibly effective spring window cleaning for people for over a decade now, and we always strive to get the best possible results. That’s why we’ve invested so heavily in both state-of-the-art equipment – including our fantastic water fed pole system – and in training for our staff.

Adverse weather takes a toll on houses, and windows really do bear the brunt of it. After a winter like the one we’ve had in Guildford, your windows will not be at their best. You might be able to see this for yourself, in the form of dirt and grime, or they might have experienced buildups of harder-to-spot substances, like algae or mould. That’s certainly not your fault; it’s simply a natural consequence of the season. Having said that, all of that nasty stuff does need to be removed, and an all-out spring cleaning session from Guildford’s premier window cleaning company – Integrity Window Cleaning – is the perfect way to do exactly that.

To get your home looking back to its best this spring, and for the ultimate start to your spring clean, simply get in touch with Integrity Window Cleaning now. To do so, simply call us on 01483 459774, or send us a message online here.