Window cleaning has changed a lot in recent years and we at Integrity Window Cleaning services have invested money in keeping up with the times. The water fed pole system relies on de-ionised water which has to be made using filters. It contains hardly any particulates and this means that the pure water will wash off all the dirt and can be left to dry on the window without spotting or streaking. This method results in beautifully clean windows and frames without putting the window cleaner at risk as the water fed pole system can be operated from the ground and the window cleaner does not need to climb ladders.

There are a few circumstances in which using the water fed pole system, also called the reach and wash system would not be appropriate. These would include very cold weather where the water would freeze on the windows and also on the ground causing a slip hazard or the inside of a shopping mall where any water spilled on the ground could cause the flooring to become slippery. But don’t worry; in such cases the window cleaner will clean your windows the traditional way.

The water fed pole system has the advantage of using only pure water and no nasty chemicals. In many cases window cleaners will harvest rain water, thereby conserving the local water supply. When choosing a window cleaner it is wise to look at their cleaning methods. Any reputable window cleaner that is not approaching retirement age will be happy to invest in the newest technology he can afford and as someone that is willing to invest in his business he shows commitment and dare I say it; Integrity.

People that really care about their business also care about their customers and we at Integrity Window Cleaning make sure that the customer comes first. That is why we are fully insured so that in the very unlikely event that something will go wrong you will be covered by our up to date commercial insurance.

Our operatives are very experienced and trained in safety procedures, which means that for your own sakes and for ours when we first come to quote for the job we will make sure that we include safety as part of our inspection. We are happy to produce a safety statement specific to your particular property and when the job starts we will implement the safety procedures on the statement so that you, your customers and of course we ourselves are always safe.

We understand that having a window cleaner is not a luxury but a need; that is why we always give you best value for your hard earned money.

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