Do you suspect that you may have blocked gutters? If so how are you going to know? Checking your gutters for problems is important because blockages can cause expensive water damage to your home in the winter and in the summer they can make a comfy home for wasps. Also if your gutters are badly blocked the weight of the debris can cause them to bend and warp.

Don’t climb ladders to inspect your gutters as this is dangerous and unnecessary. Fortunately all you have to do in order to determine if there is an urgent problem is look up. If you see water overflowing the gutters on a rainy day it is pretty obvious that there is something wrong.

The best advice is to get the experts to do an annual check for gutter blockage. If you haven’t had an inspection for two years or more you almost certainly have blocked gutters. If the outside of the gutters are covered in green algae this is also a sign that they are almost certainly clogged. Have you spotted any rotten wood on the fascias or if they are made of plastic is there an overgrowth of green algae? Have you seen any wasps flying in and out of the gutters? Or can you see any cracks or bent pipes? Is there damage to the brickwork or is the render particularly green? In all these cases the chances are that you have gutter problems somewhere. So having spotted the symptoms, you need to look for a cure before the problems get worse.

This is where you need a professional gutter cleaner; someone who knows what he is doing. The good news is that we at Integrity offer an expert, fully insured, domestic and commercial gutter cleaning and repair service up to a height of eighty-four feet. We provide a regular, dependable and honest service in Guildford, Woking, Horsham, Dorking, Crawley, Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill and all over the Surrey and West Sussex area.

The problem with gutter cleaning and gutter repairs is that you may not think about it until you hit problems. Whereas for us at Integrity, cleaning and repairing gutters is our business. So why not ask us to look in on you once a year and sort out any problems while they are still minor?

We are fully insured and have the tools, experience and equipment to make short work of any gutter blockages and we have the expertise to repair and replace any faulty guttering. The rainy British climate needn’t be a problem for your premises if you make sure that the guttering is kept in good order and hiring a professional gutter cleaning company like Integrity once a year is a simple and safe way of making a major difference to the maintenance of your home.

Call Alex from Integrity gutter cleaning services on 01483 459774, or send us a message online, which we will reply to as soon as possible.