We think it’s fair to say that, when most people think of fast moving industries, and those which rely on technological advancements… well, window cleaning probably isn’t the first one that springs to mind. And that’s perfectly fine – it’s something we came to terms with long ago here at Integrity Window Cleaning!

The truth is, however, that the window cleaning business actually moves more quickly than you might think. There seems to be a general perception amongst the public that window cleaning still simply involves heading up the ladder with a bucket and sponge, getting the windows a bit soapy, giving them a wipe, then coming down again. That’s true not just of people in Crawley, Horsham and elsewhere in Surrey, but in the entire UK.

In fairness, this idea has stayed alive for so long because… that is how many window cleaning companies in Surrey still do their jobs! Some, on the other hand, have made the effort to stay on the forefront of developments in the field. Integrity Window Cleaning certainly fall into this camp.

We’ve made it a priority to invest in new equipment and technology whenever we’ve judged it worthwhile. In turn, we haven’t simply maintained our already-renowned window cleaning results. We’ve improved them.

Nowhere is this better displayed than in our commitment to a water-fed pole system. Some may have dismissed it as a fad, but it might just be our favourite piece of kit. It truly has changed the way we carry out our window cleaning in Horsham, Crawley and wider Surrey.

This ingenious pole can reach even seemingly inaccessible windows, stretching to a hefty length of 60’. This proves particularly useful on large commercial properties, as well as tall apartment blocks. Whatever the specifics or dimensions of the building, the pole will almost certainly be able to get wherever it needs to go.

Not only that, but it always gets the job done too. In fact, we’d say it achieves comfortably better results than the ladder-and-bucket approach ever did, and all without the risk of damage to our persons or your property.

This is largely down to the “pure” water that’s used, which we transport in a large tank to every job we undertake. Having started as simple tap water, this water has subsequently been purified, removing any dissolved minerals and other impurities that were present.

Once we’re at a customer’s property, we’ll then pump this pure water up through the pole and out through the end, onto which a brush has been fixed. Any dirt and grime will be removed in no time. Thanks to its chemical-free nature, this water will even leave a clear, streak-free finish on your windows.

If you keep on using the same old window cleaning company, whether you’re based in Horsham or Crawley, then you’ll keep on getting the same old results. There is a better option out there. At Integrity Window Cleaning, we’ve adapted our approach over the years to deliver a level of quality which – we firmly believe – is unmatched across Surrey.

It’s worth at least giving us a shot, right? To do just that, simply call us on 01483 459774, or message us online here.