Here at Integrity Window Cleaning, we’ve been providing the good people of Surrey – in Crawley, Horsham and beyond – with professional window cleaning services for a long time. Over 12 years now, to be precise, having completed our first job as Integrity all the way back in 2006.

There are quite a few different factors that have led to our sustained success. These include intangible qualities like our attention to detail and our reliability, and – more pragmatically – our full insurance and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

From a purely financial perspective, however, there’s no doubting how we’ve been able to stay in business so long. Continuing to operate in a county as competitive as Surrey – with so many other professional window cleaning companies vying for the attention of homeowners in places like Horsham and Crawley – is no mean feat.

So, how have we done it? Primarily by building up a base of dependable customers who come back time and again for our services. Of course, every business prefers to have returning customers over relying on new clients, and Integrity Window Cleaning is no different. The majority of our customers receive window cleaning from us every six weeks or so – a perfect schedule for keeping their windows nice and clean, and keeping their cleaning costs down.


We certainly don’t solely accept regular customers like these! In fact, we actually also make a decent chunk of our revenue from a completely different service: one-off deep cleans. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, then read on!

There are any number of reasons why you might want a one-off deep clean for your windows in Surrey. These will vary depending on whether you want it for a commercial or residential property – both of which we cater for here at Integrity Window Cleaning.

If it’s a commercial property, perhaps you’ve got a particularly big client coming in for a meeting, and you want to make sure everything’s spick and span. Perhaps you own the commercial space, and you’re looking to let it out to tenants. Either way, there’s a huge amount of money on the line, which an improved appearance will help to secure. When viewed in this light, a one-off deep clean makes absolute financial sense.

We’re equally comfortable providing this service for residential properties too. If you’ve been renting out a place, for example, and you want to be absolutely sure you get your full deposit back, then an end-of-tenancy window clean will help to secure it. If you’re hosting a big dinner party, or any other occasion where you want your house to look its best, then this will also be an enormous help.

The most important thing of all is that you don’t feel like – if you reach out to a window cleaning company in Surrey – you have to engage them for the long term. We’d love it if you did, of course, but we’re absolutely fine to help you out one time, get your window absolutely sparkling, and then be on our way.

Whatever your specific needs, contact Integrity Window Cleaning to discuss a one-off deep clean today. You can call us on 01483 459774, or message us online here.