It’s really no exaggeration to say that we absolutely adore what we do here at Integrity Window Cleaning. We’ve been carrying out window cleaning across Surrey – in places like Crawley and Horsham – since all the way back in 2006, and we definitely don’t plan on stopping any time soon!

There are plenty of reasons why we love our work so much. These range from the ability to connect with people all across Surrey (we’re a friendly bunch, after all!), to the simple satisfaction of transforming a house’s appearance courtesy of professionally-cleaned windows.

We’re also well aware, however, that none of this would be possible without our regular customers. Whilst we’re perfectly happy to do one-off deep cleans too, our long-term clients – who hire us month-after-month, year-after-year – definitely form the bulk of our business. We couldn’t have stayed in business for 12 years without them, and we’re truly thankful for their loyalty.

In fact, we’re so thankful for that loyalty that we’ve chosen to reward it. That reward comes in the form of discounted window cleaning, for every single customer who is signed up to our main monthly schedule.

If you’re not already a regular, returning customer, then don’t worry – you can become one at any time! You will have to pay full-price for your first session with Integrity Window Cleaning, because it will almost certainly be an extra-tough job on our part. After that, however, you’ll subsequently get discounted window cleaning for every consecutive month in which you book in our services.

Of course, even at a discounted rate, we’re still asking you to spend your hard-earned cash with Integrity Window Cleaning at the end of the day. Why should you choose to do so with us specifically, over all the other window cleaning companies in Horsham, Crawley, and elsewhere in Surrey? Well… how long have you got?!

As we’ve already mentioned, we’re one of the more experienced outfits in the local window cleaning field. With well over a decade under our belts, we’ve amassed the knowledge and expertise needed to get your windows looking spick and span in a speedy, effective and safe manner.

Still, alongside our undoubted expertise, a lot of credit must also go to our water-fed pole system. This handy piece of kit has truly transformed our window cleaning. It’s made our job quicker and safer, whilst also reducing the risk of damage to your property, and providing unparalleled results. What more could you ask for?!

Finally, we realise that you’ve probably already got a regular Surrey-based window cleaning company, and that going with Integrity would represent a departure, and something of a risk. That’s why we’ve got two things to put your mind completely at ease: full public liability insurance, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The latter means that if you’re unhappy with our work for any reason, we’ll return to your property straight away, and get right back to work.

Even though it’s an absolute necessity, nobody likes to spend money on window cleaning. So… why not spend a little less money on it?! With Integrity’s discounted window cleaning, you can do exactly that. Wherever you’re based in Surrey, whether in Horsham, Crawley or further afield, we’d love to discuss a booking with you now. Just give us a call on 01483 459774, or message us online here.