We are convinced that Integrity Window Cleaning Crawley is one of the best domestic window cleaners Surrey and Sussex have to offer because we provide an efficient, thorough and expert service. We clean homes in Guildford, Crawley, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Epsom, Horsham, Woking and many other areas in Surrey and Sussex.

Window cleaners have been around for a long time, they used to walk door to door with a ladder, a bucket and a scrim but these days we commercial window cleaners are a lot more high tech and as a result much safer. Window cleaning was always a hazardous profession and a lot of people finished their working life early as a result of a fall or two. Nowadays thanks to the reach and wash system most of the work is done from the ground, leading to a lot less safety issues. Meanwhile there is much more safety training in place so even the issues that do remain are covered. If you clean your own windows you are not likely to own a pure water pole system and will therefore be using ladders but really at Integrity’s value for money prices is it worth that kind of risk? Surely it would be better to let the professionals do a quick and efficient job without you taking any chances at all?

Another way that window cleaners differ from their predecessors is that they tend to offer a lot more services. Integrity for instance offers gutter cleaning, UVPC cleaning including facia and soffit cleaning and jet washing, which includes cleaning driveways, decks and footpaths. Old fashioned window cleaners wouldn’t necessarily be insured but nowadays if a firm is professional like Integrity, it will willingly show you proof of insurance; so if you live in Guildford or Crawley or anywhere in Surrey of Sussex it makes sense to give us a ring on: 07917 644048 or 01483 459774 and see how cost effective our quotes can be.

There are several things that have not changed over the years and one is that window cleaners were always a friendly, happy bunch. That is still true today; in fact it would be difficult to find a surly window cleaner. Working in the outdoors means that we rarely lack vitamin D and we get what sunshine is going even in the middle of winter so there is much less SAD syndrome.

In the past window cleaners were normally local and usually pretty reliable and while our ways of working have changed over the years, meaning that we can normally be more flexible, we at Integrity respect your precious time as much as our own so we will give you a day and an approximate time when we will be coming and if there is a problem, like bad weather or illness we will always let you know.

Really what have you got to lose? Call us today and see how little it will cost to get those big jobs done.