With all the million and one things that you business owners have to do, gutter cleaning will be the last thing on your mind. If you are renting or leasing your premises it might not even be your responsibility, but if you own your building or the terms and conditions of your lease say that building maintenance is your responsibility you are not likely to want to spend much of your precious money or time thinking about it and you are certainly not likely to want to get up on a ladder and do it yourself.

But the problem is that badly maintained gutters can lead to winter rain water going where it shouldn’t and causing damage to the walls of your building leading eventually to costly repairs.

This is where Integrity Gutter Cleaning Guildford can help. We can schedule an inspection and clean of your gutters once a year without you even having to think about it. We can unblock the insides and clean the outsides of your gutters for a pre-agreed fee and with our competitive prices we won’t be too hard on your pocket. As a professional company we are fully insured and will give you the correct paperwork so that the business can claim the VAT back. If during the course of the clean we find any problems or repairs that need to be done we will tell you. If you want we can quote for the gutter repairs separately. It will then be your decision whether to let us go ahead or to ask for quotes from elsewhere. All our estimates are free and without obligation so you have nothing to lose; also they will be itemised to show what you are paying for.

We can clean the gutters on warehouses, offices, hospitals, factories, schools, industrial buildings, public buildings, pubs and shops; if you are not sure about your particular building no matter what the height, just give us a call; the chances are that we will be able to do it.

We know that the winter rainfall is inevitable so why make a big deal? Integrity will maintain your gutters in the most cost effective and hassle free way possible allowing you to get on with the very important job of running your business. We will always be honest about what jobs need to be done so that you can depend on us not to invent work in order to get more money. We pride ourselves on our honesty and well… Integrity. When dealing with professional businesses you need to have someone you can trust; someone that will not rip you off; Integrity Gutter Cleaning Guildford is the company that will look after you.

We operate in Guildford and Crawley but we also cover many other areas of Surrey and Sussex such as Haywards Heath, Horsham, Burgess Hill, Woking, and Epsom.

You can reach us on: 07917 644048 or 01483 459774 or you can fill in the contact form on the website.